YIVE Tutorial Amazon Campaign. Make money with Amazon Affiliate program

Yive review and Step by Step Tutorial to Make Money with Amazon Live Yive Amazon Campaign Creation


What is YIVE?

How to use YIVE?

YIVE Tutorial Amazon Campaign

Why Amazon Reviews Works?

YIVE amazon campaign setup

YIVE amazon campaign product research

In this step we research products for review videos so let’s just paste our keyword and go to search

YIVE will automatically search for products that have four or five stars reviews with more than 100 words and these words will be used for for the creation of the videos. As you can see YIVE founded 15 products for us but that’s not all. we have to wait a little bit so now yeah i found it 15 product we can load more and the YIVE will go and find another product and we can we can keep pressing load more until there are no more products available because more products we select here in this part the more videos we will have in the final campaign.

Save campaign and our YIVE amazon campaign is done.