What you should know about witchcraft

Witchcraft is a profession that is generally poorly understood. In ancient times, witches were accused of all kinds of demonic and despicable acts that seemed to ignite the flames of the imaginations of thousands of people as the villains. It became popular during the 20th century and is generally blamed for harming properties and individuals. Beyond the vehicle known to witches (which is a flying broomstick), the general public seems to have a general misconception of witchcraft as satanic practices and rituals.

It is believed that witchcraft is the practice of supernatural and magical forces for the purpose of affecting an individual, place, event, or property in a good or bad way. It is said to have anthropological, religious and historical contexts. He is generally perceived by the public as “evil” or “dark,” and this is probably due to the fact that he is widely blamed for the various unexplained phenomena that have occurred during the 20th century. In fact, witchcraft is generally nature’s magic at its best, and there is nothing wrong with learning how to be a witch and using spells for witchcraft as long as you intend to use it. for personal gain and for the right reasons.

Is witchcraft for me?

As stated before, there is nothing wrong with learning to be a witch as long as you intend to use it for non-harmful reasons and use all the skills you learn for practical, everyday reasons. .

Best witchcraft books for beginners

There are a number of book publishers who support Wiccan Thinking and Witchcraft from people who might be interested in them, and have a number of interesting books that offer instruction not only on how to be a witch, but also focus on beginner’s guides, history of witchcraft, love spells and other witchcraft spells, as well as handy tools to start the beginner. Here are some of the book collections that might be of interest to a beginner:

Books on Wicca and Witchcraft for Beginners by Silver Ravenwulf

To mount a silver broomstick – New generation sorcery. It is a very interesting book that focuses not only on modern witchcraft, but also on the various pagan traditions and rituals. It even includes a pagan calendar and a list of pagan festivals, which could prove useful for organizing events and rituals with your fellow beginners. It also includes a lot of useful information such as storing your magical supplies as well as preparing for the proper outfit as well as general information on how to be a witch.

To stir a magic cauldron – A witch guide to cast and conjure. This is the sequel to the book described above (To Ride a Broomstick). This book offers more information on witchcraft spells and also provides useful information regarding coven membership or the life of lone witches. This book also expands on the idea of ​​trance and mediation as well as power healing abilities and much more.

Lighting a Sacred Flame – Practical Witchcraft for the Millennium. This is the third book that precedes Ravenwulf’s first two books on witchcraft. Here she focuses more on improving and upgrading the various witchcraft spells covered in the first two books as well as expanding the witchcraft tools which includes candles, potions recipes, and a celestial study dealing with planetary and solar movements. The perfect book for advanced learners

The ultimate book of shadows for the next generation lone witch. This book by Ravenwulf focuses more on the history of witchcraft and offers general information about the world of witches and wiccans. It is a very well organized book that functions more as a reference so much that the reader may be able to skip parts of the book if they are not interested. A must have for those learning to be a witch or a wiccan

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