What is Nespresso?

Nespresso is a coffee pod maker developed by a clever chap by the name of Eric Favre.

The story of just how Nespresso coffee came about is fairly remarkable, as well as I’m fairly shocked it’s not been become a Hollywood hit yet. This Swiss engineer came up with the idea of what is currently called the Nespresso machine, as part of a little healthy and balanced banter with his Italian better half concerning his “bland Swiss coffee”.

He offered himself a challenge to produce an equipment which permits people to make Italian design espresso at home, which involved seeing lots of acclaimed Italian cafe. Basically, what he designed had not been an additional espresso device, it was various.

Nespresso utilizes finer ground coffee, higher stress, completely different flow rates, a little cooler mixture temp, and reduced coffee material than coffee, to lead to a various type of brief coffee which does resemble coffee, yet isn’t actually espresso. .

Eric in fact joined the team of Nestlé’s packing department at an early stage in his development of Nespresso, to discover the inner workings of the firm, as well as he attempted to pitch his suggestion for a brand-new type of residential espresso device to Nestle, that denied the suggestion, partly due to the fact that they really did not wish to rock the boat with sales of instant. .
Years later when functioning as a food scientist for Nestle, Favre had the chance to pitch the suggestion to the CEO of Nestle Japan, that was offered by the suggestion, and Nespresso was birthed. For a lot more on the history of Nespresso read: Éric Favre– the Swiss innovator that put coffee into pills. 

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