UHMW is a tough and abrasion Resistant Plastic Rod

Why choose UHMW Ultra Abrasion Resistant
Plastic Rod. UHMW-PE has been out
performing almost all other plastic materials in some
properties. With almost a ten times
higher molecular weight than standard
HD Polyethylene
materials, you can see how UHMW-PE would be the
best choice for tough wear type
applications. Of all the
polymers, UHMW-PE has the highest abrasion resistance of any
thermoplastic polymer. On top of that, it also has a very high impact strength,
chemical resistant, and industry best ratings in wear resistant and a
very low coefficient of friction. This
versatile material  works extremely well with
all standard machining and fabrication
processes. Some typical and common
applications are: scrapers, door and drawer glides, washers, gaskets,
wear strips, wear plates, and shims.
This is why Ultra High Molecular Weight
Polyethylene has grown and continues to grow
in its many uses. https://iplasticsupply.com/uhmw

UHMW Sheet