Spanish Fun “Quiz” for Kids – Sesame Street’s Grover and his Animal Friends

Spanish lessons for kids.

This interactive and fun Animal Friends video with Sesame Street’s Grover teaches children twenty animal names in Spanish. This eleven-minute video is ideal for kids who love animals. This video asks children simple questions about the animals’ name, size and color. This video is purposefully read at a much slower pace so kids can follow. Children will see Oli and Piwi’s animal friends in the background.

Spanish lessons for kids in a win all game, or quiz!

I don’t want to call it a test, so I call it a fun Quiz. It’s not even that, but we have to call it something. The idea is the kids can win, build confidence, and continue speaking Spanish.

Kids will eventually find our voices familiar and friendly. The idea is that they feel confident with Oli and with me and understand what we are doing in the videos. Once they do, kids can look forward to more Spanish lessons and see them as play time, not work time.

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