Secret Email System by Matt Bacak Review with Bonuses and Discount

You probably heard about the new Secret Email System by Matt Bacak. And you’re looking for a review. Or maybe you’re just doing some research to see if it’s for you or not. In this article, I am going to review the Secret Email System in detail. So let’s get started.

the secret email system

Secret Email System Review

secret email system
secret email system

The Creator of Secret Email System

This product is called the Secret Email System and its created by a guy called Matt Bacak. Matt is a kind of unknown superstar in the email marketing world. And this is why the Secret Email System attracted me. Even though these warrior plus type of products usually sucks. But the fact is, this guy’s got track record. He’s been in the email marketing game for a long time. He’s been doing it for years. And he actually invested over $65 000 into this. So he was failing a lot then finding out what works and then just completely crushing it. There are some really big names that have worked with Matt before. Big marketers. And they’ve all give him the thumbs up and say he knows what he’s doing.

Matt Bacak Secret Email System
Matt Bacak Secret Email System


Email Marketing is Death. Really?

Many marketers these days saying that email marketing is dead. But this is 2021 and Matt just recently launched this ebook. So we know it’s not dead. Even the top marketers are still using email. It might not be as effective as it was 20 years ago. You might not get so many emails opened, but that’s why you need something like this.

You need somebody to actually help you to get better conversions using email. I mean, i know that i struggle with writing really great converting emails.

That’s why i personally got Secret Email System myself.

On the front end, you can have a look when you come to the page. It’s a new book that reveals how i built a seven-figure online business using nothing but ethical email marketing to drive revenue sales and commissions and here is a video here with Matt talking.

He seemed like a very nice personal sort of guy and then he talks about why he know the secret to email marketing.

There are some amazing secret emailsystem bonuses that he’s given away.

Secret Email system Bonuses

  • Irresistible offer
  • Secret email formulas
  • Some of his email swipes so you can actually use some of his emails in your in your marketing
  • His gigantic swipe book
  • Secrets of millionaire minds
  • Mindset stuff as well

And then also there’s some webinar type stuff which is probably going to use that to try and get some upsells as well. Which is fair enough.

Secret Email System Price

Because secret email system is the actual entry product just to get the ebook alone at the moment i don’t know if it’s going to go up. He says here it’s going to go up in a few days who knows. Fake scarcity but at the moment is Secret Email System Price actually $5.60 so it’s a no-brainer for me. I mean, it’s a very small investment to actually learn about email marketing from somebody that’s in the trenches and has done it before. And we know email marketing still works.

There are definatelly some upsells. Usually if something is this cheap on the entry he’s going to try and make some more money on the upsells.

Secret Email system upsells

There are four upsells all together

Ultimate marketing package $97

So basically he said you can use all these templates and stuff like that there’s a down sell to that which is $47

The email marketing mastermind $84 per year

Here you get access to their facebook group and regular kind of training in there that’s either you can get it for the yearly cost which is 84 or a down sale which is 9.95 a month so access and ask questions in the facebook group. You know those are the poor kind of upsells and what it is some of the secrets he’s actually teaching you in here is you know the secrets of email. He calls it his system bmg 10 which he says you know you build your list so he does talk about traffic as well. Which is what i love.

Then he talks about mailing the list then getting paid so the bmg and then 10x in the whole thing you know and he also talks about little tricks where he talks about split testing headlines where some people split test headlines.

The secrets

But i think some of the things he was saying are things that not a lot of people implement and i’m personally going to implement some of that into my marketing.

He talks about he got a very very big list of course he’s been doing it for like 24 years. Where he uses emails i mean headlines different headlines to his list split tests them and then runs with the most powerful one you know some some little gems and little secrets about split testing that he’s showing you. And that’s just in the normal book.

Let’s just have a quick look here this is just the book. You know, he talks about his his journey the long hard road the shocking truth about email the way to success. Let’s go through some other headlines this is what i like as well traffic sources. He’s got you covered here with the traffic as well um i think seven odd money-making mantras some mantras that some of the top people use and then how to 10x it all and the last missing piece.

But wait there’s more

You can see how in-depth this is and this is only one. There’s a lot more stuff in there. What’s the purpose of email campaigns, how to how to create credibility with your subscribers, very very very important the know like and trust stuff how to create report with your subscribers, how how you should write your emails, writing headlines for your emails, write in a call to action in your email, how to write content emails, how to write promotional emails, you know there’s a lot here and i mean i didn’t even finish the whole thing.

So you can see it’s very very in-depth and that’s just the e-book and there’s a couple more stuff in there. His swipes there’s some bonuses you know all this sort of stuff you know so i i think it is i think it’s worth it it’s worth having a look at for $5.60.

Email has always been my thing and i’m not bad at it. But i wanted to get better at it so when i found this i thought yeah this is a nice little addition for me so that’s why i personally got it.

And if you’re interested in getting it as well just click the button bellow and get it now.


Secret Emai System Review

This is a quick review of a new product from Matt Cacak called the Secret Email System.

It’s an irresistible offer you can see these words right down in the middle here. Irresistible offer for the prince of $5.60.You can get hold of his book. I bought it yesterday and i’ve read through the book and what i’m doing this secret email system review is that i’m just going to go through the elements that are in the book.

But let’s start with the sales page let’s see what’s there on the sales page so there’s a new book that reveals how i built a seven figure online business. Well, who is Matt Bakak? He has built a seven figure internet marketing business entirely on the back of email and his process is fairly simple.

He finds niches like make money online find good affiliate offers promotes those affiliate offers and then he creates his own products in that arena and then launches those as his own products so that he can make $100 rather than $50 as an affiliate. So rather than waiting through all the weather this is with through the offer because he talks a lot about the irresistible offer. So the book is $5.60 so you get a book the book itself it’s definitely worth 5 bucks.

Even more bonuses

Matt then added in a series of really good secret email system bonuses. Bonuses around the irresistible offer concept itself is a checklist that says every time you create an email you want to make sure that you’ve checked off each of the elements in the checklist. It’s a 3x formula calculator which goes through how to work out the important numbers of epc earnings for click shares. 1000 of these emails and if any of you bought as 5001 emails this is a subset of those emails. There are some led generation templates.

Next is the secret of the millionaire minsit book.

The bonuses are enormous compared to $5.60 so let’s just talk about the book. it’s called the Secret Email System it comes as a pdf document. Down there is the secret email system, who is Matt Bacak, what’s the long hard road he’s been on, what’s the shocking truth but rather than whizzing through crunchy staff which starts with a chapter called the way to success as i have called.

The chapter headings into a short presentation so this is the introduction of the secret email system. There’s a section on the way way to success. He’s trying to explain to his brother about how he would start an internet marketing business and the six things that you would need to start a list.

So there are obvious things like an auto responder, he talks about the top seven traffic sources, the number one might surprise you. It is actually doing a jv with someone else who has a list. Not many people talk about doing jv with an existing list holder.

The Money Making Mantra

He talks about the money making mantra. The money making mantra is pretty simple. You just make an offer of something that’s already selling. Then it goes a section on how to 10 x the money making offer and then he added another chapter about the last missing piece, which is a chapter that should be in any make money online book which is all about how to make the transition from ideas to action.

And then his last part of his introduction is over deliver. That’s why in the in the book i’m going to go back to his sales page so you’ve got a dollar sixty book and then when you start rolling through all of these bonuses you will find a real gold. And you get something like fourteen hundred dollars of value in these secret email system bonuses and even if you only believe ten percent of that. that is still thirty times the value of the book it’s all about over gilliver it’s gone to the next chapter for the next series of chapters which is all about how to construct your campaign plan your email campaign plan so lesson number one is to create a clear purpose for your campaign.

Organize your campaigns

Lesson number two is organize your campaign so that you know what the mix of content emails, feedback emails and author emails are. This going to be at these next two bullet points that are really important ones is how to build credibility with your audience and how to create rapport.

And the way you do both of those is by delivering value, over deliver value and provide a mechanism and offer interaction with your audience through your email list to Get them to respond. He’s got a section there on how to write emails and his biggest message there is to use your own style.

Your Style

Tell your own stories, write your own words and then the last one is just a reminder to over deliver. The next series of sections are all about how to write the emails. So how to write your headlines, how to write calls to action, how to write content emails, they differ to how to write free gift emails, how to write the promotional emails or how often to put promotional emails in the mix of free gifts and contents.

How to ask for feedback and feedback emails and how to write emails to get a response.I know i put in my emails hit reply and very seldom do i get a response. But there is a technique to getting people to respond to when people respond you know what that is on their minds.

And then the last section of the book is a series of tips. Some of these are very simple tips like proper formatting. the auto responders limit you to text that’s 65 characters. Why? So i guess what you write sentences 65 characters right. Next tip is around writing in your own voice. Write your emails and your own voice, tell your story the way you tell it because that’s ultimately who your subscribers relate to is you the person.

How often to email?

Next we get a section there on how often to email. Do you do a daily weekly frequent enough? Next is how to track your emails. How to track through how to track unsubscribes things like that and Matt Bacak he have really built his whole track record on split testing emails.

And then there are some reminders in here. For example one of them is when things change. Things do change and when they do your emails must change. The things you promote must change, your tone must change so you just got to keep really sort of going with the flow of the way things are changing.

Useful Tips

And then the last section on the tip section. This section is all about what is the story. The long run success and that relates a bit more to things that change. But this is pretty simple. Just keep making more offers. Look for stuff that sells and then make more offers. This is all about looking for stuff that is selling, find where it is selling, find the affiliate program that’s supporting those and make those offers.

And then when you want to level it up start doing it in your own way with your own product. So this is talk about what else is in the funnel. I have only bought the front end because i’ve already bought his 5001 email swipes previously so there is a lot. That product will be included in some of these upsells but let’s talk about well let’s just explore what is in the funnel.

So the secret email system is a book for five dollars and sixty cents. Then the first upsell is the ultimate email marketing package which is a whole series of swipes. So you add to your one thousand swipes that you get as a bonus and here goes up to the five thousand swipes. There are some email marketing templates. There’s a range of training that if you if you’re ready for copy and paste and not quite ready to write in emails in your own voice this is great upgrade. The next upsell down on the list is the email marketing packages. If you’re feeling that 97 bucks are a bit steep for you there is a down sell it is you get the offer for 47. So the smart thing to do is skip that and go down to here.


And then there are two offers to the secret email mastermind which is a yearly membership on how to keep learning from that paycheck on a regular basis. So you can get this for the eighty four dollars. You can join his yearly mastermind or if that’s a bit hard to absorb in one go you can go at 49.95 a month. Which turns out to 120 bucks which just under 120 bucks for a whole year which is a bit of a premium on the 84 dollars.

So the smart thing maybe is to run three months with this, learn what you can and then cancel the subsscription. Now the philosophy of openly delivering is i’ve put together the prenece list of products that are all in the email marketing arena the first is a report called a list building expected value of sixty seven dollars.

The next is a report on email marketing made easy which is really getting inside the emails to work out what it is to put in the email so this one is first of all about strategy. This is more about the sorts of words that you need to put into your emails and the strategies and the approaches that are specific to each email.

More bonuses

The next one is how to write compelling headlines. Next is that if you want to start building a list, you need to have some lead magnets. Stuff that you can give away for free. So here is a membership that give you access for one year. So you can get hold of some really solid lead magnets that are in the arenas of bacak talks about.

And then the last one is is that my paycheck talks about how to build responsiveness and rapport. And one of the ways is to use things like surveys. So there’s the last piece of software business in a box. Which is a set of tools that will help you to build interactivity with your email list.

So if we go through to the summaries it is that i have added in these extra bonuses. To complement the bonuses that man is providing so all you have to do is spend 5.60. And you’ll get all of matt’s bonuses which are worth 1400 plus my bonuses with 565 dollars.

I’m really fired up about what i have read in the book. There is no doubt it’s going to change the way that i run my own email marketing to my list. And it will deliver results and i’m pretty sure it will do the same for you. Appreciate your time and your attention


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