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In my point of view, any type of test that is used each year to evaluate multitudes of females ought to not be invasive or create any type of extra danger. Ionizing radiation passes through and invades the body, increasing cancer threat. Typically, in women with thick breasts, more radiation as well as additional photos are used to increase sensitivity of the test, thereby increasing radiation exposure for the actual ladies who are most likely to be missed. The fastest expanding team of new breast cancers diagnosed remain in more youthful females. Given that such a huge percent of pre-menonpausal population have raised bust density, mammograms must not be the first choice for screening these females. Additionally, mammograms compress the breast and also, besides being painful, have prospective to fracture and also spread cancer cells. While this stays controversial (obviously), it is another worry about mammography when far better options are offered. Mammograms likewise have lowered sensitivity in women with breast enhancement, previous biopsies, or surgeries.

Breast Themography