As a medical professional and a lady with fibrocystic breast illness, it truly bothers me when I listen to X-Ray Mammography misstated as preventive medicine. X-Rays are never, form or form prevention. X-Ray Mammography goes to best a form of early discovery of bust cancer cells, yet it can just find a tumor after it has actually grown to a significant dimension. Also after that, X-Ray Mammography misses half of the tumors in ladies, that have dense busts. Considering that over 50% of premenopausal women and 25 percent of postmenopausal ladies have dense breasts, a big variety of ladies are at danger of misdiagnosis by counting only on X-Ray Mammography. This is particularly real for females with fibrocystic bust disease– or for ladies with scar cells in their breasts.I am directlyvery worried about discovering bust disease as a result of my family members background– my sister passed away of breast cancer cells when she was 41. That’s why I began obtaining Infrared Mammograms years ago. Unlike X-Rays, Infrared Mammography does not require call with your busts or direct exposure to hazardous radiation. While X-Ray Mammograms are pictures of the breast anatomy, Infrared Mammograms are pictures of your breast metabolic process, to ensure that even pre-cancerous swelling or tiny growths can be detected, due to the fact that they produce additional warmth because of increased blood flow.