Is Blogging A Dying Trend?

All bloggers know that a well-written, entertaining and focused blog can generate huge volumes of traffic from visitors. You just load up your favorite blogs open up the RSS reader and you can click on the headline in be taken to the information you desire. What started out as a small area of special interest has grown into a huge phenomenon

Many personal bloggers find it is very therapeutic while others blog specifically to earn income. It’s a straightforward proposition. It’s a straightforward proposition

It’s helpful to gain feedback this way. Even though there are tons of sources to start a blog that does not make it successful. The first step in creating your own blog is to select the platform to publish it on

Like I said, nobody (especially not the blogger) makes any money when somebody reads their words. It’s not the best blogging software for personal blogging. You can sell traffic by using a program like AdSense or by selling advertising directly. It’s good for professionals who want to expose their brands to a huge number of online users

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