How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel | Uploading a Video

hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this lesson in this lesson we will put everything we’ve done so far to YouTube and actually upload our video before we upload our video to YouTube we have to change the name of it all we have to do is open the text file with title description and tags we copy the title we can do click write rename by East and enter and there we go our video name is now the title we’ve chosen we can put this down now and now we can go to our YouTube channel click on YouTube studio playlist and click new playlist give the playlist the same name like your main keyword and click create once your channel is created we can close this window we click on create upload videos select files and find the video in our folder double click and YouTube will start start uploading the video now here is the title but we will rewrite it so let’s open the text file copy paste we do this because we were not able to save the video with this symbol in the next step we have to copy and paste description and let’s not forget to also add the copyright statement from the music we downloaded we have it here license we copy this and we add it somewhere in the description as you can see right now we have as our link in the description we are going to change it in the next module once we decide what type of monetization is good for us with YouTube we are able to change everything anytime we want once we have title and description it’s time to upload our thumbnail as you can see this area is right now great that means we need to verify our channel to be able to upload our custom images as the thumbnails just move your mouse over this question mark go over verify and click write open link in new window we are on verification page here change the country you are in select text meet the verification code and write down your number click Submit YouTube will send you a message as you can hear I already have mine just enter the numbers from your message and hit submit congratulation your YouTube account is now verified you can close this and now we have to start over or maybe let’s try reload once again upload videos drag and drop the video now you can see we can upload thumbnails already so now the video is uploading we do the same again we copy title we copy description we also copy the license for the music somewhere here we can upload Tamala thumbnail now now let’s go to playlist motivational speech for happiness then now let’s click now it’s not made for kids click more options our video doesn’t contain paid promotion here we have to add tags with our language choosing English United States we don’t have any cap captions recording date doesn’t really matter standard YouTube license allow embedding allow publish to subscriptions feed category people and blocks is fine hello comments sort by top now we’re ready to click Next and next again here under save or publish we click public we copy the link of our video we can paste it over here just for the future and the video is uploading we’ll wait until the video uploads and then we hit publish [Music] like a bird on a tree [Music] I’m just sitting here okay so as you can see finished practicing all you have to do now is published and there we go we have our first video publicly on YouTube you can check it by clicking on this link and there we go that’s all there is to upload your videos on YouTube ladies and gentlemen hopefully by now you have your video up on YouTube channel ready to get views in the next video I will show you how to get some views to start the things moving see you there