How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel | Niche research

hello ladies and gentlemen in this lesson we will decide the niche of our channel the truth is that youtube loves niche channels more than general ones our videos will be more likely offered by youtube as suggested videos to viewers who watch videos in the same niche it’s important to do this step right to avoid creating channels in the niche with low search volume another important thing is to not over complicate this step we need to keep moving i see many of my students making this mistake they tend to get stuck here just because they are scared that they choose a bad niche if you happen to choose bad niche you can always change it later not a big deal take it as a business do not attach any feelings to it just follow these basic principles and you’re good so as i’ve mentioned before we will be focusing on the motivation niche a lot of people are searching and watching motivational videos and with the techniques i’m teaching you in this training we will be making beautiful videos that these people will love we will try to dig deeper into this niche and we try to find sub niche that is more focused on specific problems and have high search volume so we can rank our videos easily and a lot of people will watch them that’s our goal here so let me show you how i do the niche research we will use the youtube suggestions method combined with the chrome extension we’ve installed in the last video i assume that you already have the tubebuddy installed in chrome if not do it now we will need to activate it for this we will need to create a youtube channel creating a youtube channel is simple just click on this circle in the right and click create channel click get started use your name click select and we don’t need to do this right now we will set everything up later so just set up later and here we go this is our first channel now what we have to do is to sign up to tubebuddy click here sign in with youtube choose an account here is all the access the tubebuddy needs from your account click hello wait a little bit and there we go we are successfully signed in to you to tubebuddy okay now let’s go to and the youtube keyword suggestion suggestions method is working like this you write down something in the search bar for example motivation for and now you just write down first letter of the alphabet and as you can see youtube is showing us keyword suggestions these are called long tile keywords these are the keywords people are searching the most open a new notepad document and write down the keywords you like so for example motivation for artists motivation for anger motivation for anxiety motivation for actors after we write down all the keywords we like let’s change the letter a to letter b here we have another set of keywords motivation for broken motivation for breakup broken heart bodybuilding body exam let’s carry on with this technique until we have at least 20 keywords that we like [Music] okay here we go we have 20 keywords long tail keywords that has something to do with motivation next step is to confirm that our keywords have decent search volume we can do this easily with tubebuddy as we are still on youtube we can see the tubebuddy tab here in the right side next to the search box we click tools and the tool we’re looking for is the very first one keyword explorer launch keyword explorer now here we will copy and paste our keywords one by one into the keyword search box and click explore tubebuddy will give us estimated score and we will see how good the keywords are for example motivation for anxiety is pretty good keyword the rating is 51 from 100 it has kind of low search volume but the competition is not so strong and the optimization strength this is not that important right now so do this for all 20 keywords that we collected please note that with the free version of tubebuddy we can do only 25 25 searches per day if you want to do more you will have to wait for 24 hours or upgrade your account for unlimited searches this will cost you 9 bucks per month i really like the keyword motivation for success it has pretty high competition however this is just a channel niche so i will carry on and build my channel around this niche within this niche i can see the opportunity to create videos in a wide range of sub niches like achieving goals successful thinking successful mindset success hacks train your mind for success and more so motivation for success will be the niche of my channel there you go ladies and gentlemen hopefully by now you have the niche of your channel and it’s time to set up your channel see you in the next video