How to determine the target market for a restaurant?

Just how to determine the target market for a restaurant using the layout thinking process? The majority of us have seen this situation, a congested dining establishment with a long line up as well as beside it is a restaurant that is completely vacant.

And also the reason is basic – they did not handle to bring in the right audience additionally called the target market.

How to determine the target audience for your restaurant?

Action 1: Recognize a few dining establishments because area

It must have 2-3 dining establishments that are your straight competitor
It has to have a specific niche dining establishment
It needs to include a mass-market dining establishment, such as a fast-food restaurant.

Action 2: Recognize the severe customers for each and every section of the dining establishments determined.

Do note that the severe customers differ, even restaurants in the exact same segment, e.g. Macdonald’s and KFC will have slightly various extreme individuals, although they are both in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector.

Action 3: Ask each team of severe individuals these inquiries:

Exactly how frequently do they check out each restaurant?
Why are they coming to this dining establishment?
What will deter them from going to the dining establishment?
The collection of data from action 3 will certainly offer you an excellent representation of:

The reasons consumers are going to all the restaurants you have actually identified. And also if interviewees are visiting your straight rivals, not due to the worth suggestion that you have actually produced, after that you will certainly require to relook and test out a various theory.

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