Great Blogging Requires 5 Attributes

Clients require even more continual updates, yet it’s almost impractical to meet with every business contact on a routine basis. Facebook is sexy, Twitter is fast and easy, and MySpace – well, you’re nobody without a MySpace page. Take some time to invest in your readers. If you want to make money blogging in 2009, the following 11 blogging tips offer some sage advice on how to go about it

As a business owner you may likely be involved in business blogging. Whether it is blogging or customer service, give your customers (or visitors) the opportunity to vent or applaud at will. ” They don’t care if the problem was a manufacturer error, something broken in transit or they simply changed their mind

Suppose your blog is built around a software or information product. While posting frequent is a concern, quality content is equally, if not more, important. By providing real value and proving you’re an expert in your field, your blog can immediately open up additional opportunities you didn’t initially consider. Google will also rank the site higher when fresh content is posted frequently

Write post which is related to the site’s topic only. First, ask yourself: What specific topic am I most interested in? It is important to narrow down your choices. Although it may cost you some money, buying your own domain will enable your site to be easily picked up by search engines. Stick to a few specific genre

Aside from this, backlinks play a great role as far as the ranking of your micro-blog is concerned. Now I guess you want to know how to set up a blog. Long story short, micro-blogging is greatly helpful in developing brand awareness. To give you an idea, the term ‘slashdotted’ originated from acquiring a link on this now infamous and very popular tech news website and consequently watching your servers melt. There are solutions on line that will help you to get your blog going, but if you are not prepared to do the research then you might want to get some commercial video tutorials that will give you the edge you seek

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