Do You Have A Trick or Treat Headshot?

It’s not long now until the end of October and we’ll be in Trick or Treat season.

Obviously it’ll be different this year with the restrictions of
Covid-19 and social distancing. Somehow (because as humans we are
inventive and determined) we’ll see children dressed up trick or
treating – and that’s great because it’s a fun time of the year!

But in this season of ghouls and ghosts, of frights and scary masks
it could be an opportunity to look at your headshot and take stock. Ask
yourself the question, do you have a trick or treat headshot?

What I mean by this is, is your headshot a true representation of you
as you are now? Have you aged since your headshot was taken or has your
weight changed significantly. Has your hair changed, is it longer,
shorter, a different colour or has it even disappeared?

It is amazing how many people use a headshot that
no longer looks like them and in the case of an actor what are you
thinking! It’s suicidal to your career to use a headshot that no longer
looks like you. It doesn’t  matter how much it assaults your vanity to
accept it, we all age and change. Get over it and get real, you stand
more chance of getting work if you look like your headshot.

In the examples above the question of do you have a trick or treat
headshot is an emphatic yes. And if you want to score more auditions,
bag more work and impress casting directors accept it and make a change!

If you have a personal profile or corporate headshot the same
criteria apply. Can you imagine walking into a dream job interview and
you look 10 years older or 3 stone heavier? What will the faces of the
interviewer’s tell you? Maybe they’ll leave you feeling uneasy, You
might feel  in a  disadvantaged position and not able to give your best?
But the reality is you’re trying to cheat the interviewers by selling
them a better, younger, slimmer or healthier version of yourself.

So why take the chance?


Aramatou, Portrait Group

It’s unfortunate, but first impressions count in today’s visually
aware world. Your headshot says alot about you. and you may give the
wrong impression.

Remember you are in control of the message your headshots send and it’s often one of the last things people think about.

What if your profile shot cropped in tight and it is clearly taken on
a night out with friends with a stray arm creeping around your
shoulder. What does that say about you? What’s the message your headshot
is sending?

I use the term do you have a trick or treat headshot because I’ve
seen so many nightmare Headshots. When people simply don’t have the
faintest idea that their headshot is doing them damage.

Take a moment to read this article, How to analyse your headshot for more insight into the message your headshot could be sending.