Business Data Backup Solutions

Business Data Backup Solutions

itservices5325-300x199.jpgData Backup Solutions: There is no doubt about the fact that we live in a data-driven economy. Without having immediate and constant access to data, companies and business can both come to a halt. Relying only on the ability of the owner of a small business to mentally recall and remember the information is a very big risk that only a few would dare to take.

They still gamble and end up putting their profits on the line. Data and information in business- no matter small or big- is very important and an essential part of making profits. Some business might not depend on the owner to mentally remember everything. But they do become distracted by other things and not make any data backups. Or think that the latest technologies have covered everything.

Data Backup Solutions for small business:

Many small business owners are aware that they need an online business backup. But it stays in their ‘to-do-list’ for a very long time; or until it’s too late. Losing all their data for a business is quite hard and a costly lesson to learn it wastes valuable time and losing time in business means losing profits. A senior global product marketing manager, Michael Krutikov said that due to lack of data backup, 52% of small businesses lost productivity and 29% of them lost revenue. He further added that small business couldn’t afford to take such a risk.

Prepare for data disaster: Small business backup solutions

Many surveys have been conducted about how unprepared or how little small businesses are prepared. The small companies that do consider data backup a priority. But many of them just view it through a small lens. They only consider events such as computer crashing, a localized weather event of lost devices. Such narrow-mindedness in data backup for small business mostly leads to a total wipeout; this happens because of two reasons. Either all the backups are lost due to a bigger catastrophe, or it is due to underestimating the impact of lost data on business earnings.

Other small businesses are under the impression that cloud backup solutions for business can fight against the most significant storms. But sometimes, even cloud-based backup services can fail in performing to your expectations.

A small business cloud specialist, Jimi Mikusi explained that there are many cloud storage solutions which do not offer long-term backups. These often free cloud back solutions for business might only allow recovering the most recent copy, and thus you can’t retrieve any data from the past.

One should go for a smart approach, and fully understand all their options, pros and cons and how each of these have an effect on your compliance concerns and security, and what exactly should one be expecting actually to recover. In simple words, due diligence is required.

Business Data Backup Solutions review:

All the online business backup solutions are not equal when it comes to data security. The most potent security us ‘zero-knowledge’ strong encryption, meaning that all your data gets encrypted by using an encryption key that only you have and nobody has the power to access your account without this key.

Below you will see some different small business backup solutions that one should consider.

  • Memopal: This data backup for small business supports customers in Europe, Asia, The USA and in 15 languages. It helps some platforms such as Linux, Android, iPhone, Mac OS X, a Web interface, Blackberry, Windows and a mobile-friendly interface. Memopal comes with a license that allows commercial use, scheduled backups, central account administration, and support. If one purchases 300GB or more, they will get free an external backup drive for a quick initial backup. Memopal guarantees its users total anonymity and confidentiality on the stored data on its servers although it does not apply true zero-knowledge encryption.
  • SpiderOak: This online backup service has a funny name. Users get good, secure, reliable and real zero-knowledge protection. Every account has a unique encryption key which encrypts customer data for the whole end-to-end process- from uploading to downloading- and nobody has the power to access your data without this key. If you lose this key, then all your data is lost. SpiderOak can’t help you in restoring your data, but you can create a new one. This small business backup solution is a cross-platform and supports file synchronization across many devices, efficient online backups, remote access and file sharing from anywhere.
  • CrashPlan+: This file backup solution is a reasonably-priced service for both business and home plans. The business plans are moderately priced; you can either pay for a specific amount of storage or pay $7.49 per computer for unlimited storage. They have an online calculator which quickly shows which option is the best deal for you. It is claimed by the company that it is fully committed to the unlimited plans and is not planning on taking them away.


Business Data Backup Solutions reviews should be read before considering any company for online data backup. Keep your data safe and backed up at all times.